Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's the little things

A couple tiny little moments happened on my latest outing, that just made my month. Some dialogue between me and the girl half of the couple I visited as we were eating (cheesesteaks, yum!):

Me: May I have a napkin?
Her (tongue firmly planted in cheek): No.
She gets up to get a napkin
Me (carrying it further): Please? Please? I'll be your best friend...?
Her: You already are.


Next, a comment by their oldest daughter (the three-and-a-half year old I've mentioned):

Her: You're Trinity, and you're a girl... and I'm a girl too!

It's the little details that make things special. And I just have to give myself a little hug as I remember these moments, because last night was very special for me.

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