Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We have photos... sort of

I finally got everything set up for the actual documentation part of my project, in a way that's not terribly obtrusive to my house, and is also simple to maintain. I got out to the photo shop to pick up some film, and took my first photos today. I'm doing them on film mainly because I have easy access to film cameras, my film camera has all the features I want and none that I don't, and I want things to be simple and fast. Film seems to be plenty more archival than data - no "oh no, the hard drive with all my pictures just crashed!" These pictures will have to be around for at least a couple years, and I can always have them scanned again (or even scan them myself, if my film scanner stops misbehaving). There is also the whole resolution thing, but that is very, very secondary. I'm bracketing in half-stops, so I'll go through 5 rolls of film about every 2 months. It's an expense, but I'm not complaining about it; at least it'll get me exposing some film.

I'll have some photos to post in a few weeks. Hooray! The documentation project is underway!

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Like how you threw "photo shop" in there.