Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where's the 'angst' tag when you need it?

I went over to my folks' yesterday to talk with my mom a little bit, and in retrospect I probably shouldn't have. She's having a lot of trouble just getting to the point where she wants to ask questions, or find out anything about what's going on with me. She also can't talk to anybody else about it, because I guess that would be something like her admitting that it's a real thing.

I'm feeling terribly alone right now. It feels like my mom has gone away from me, and I miss her. I can't really go talk to her about it, because it'll just upset her more, and probably upset me more too. This whole thing just stinks.

I took a sick day from work today, because I just couldn't handle having to face people or try to do anything constructive. I may try some constructive things later today, but right now I just don't care one bit.

Song for today: Dash Berlin - "Till the Sky Falls Down"

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