Monday, July 7, 2008

Here comes the flood

I talked to my sister earlier this afternoon, and I'll be meeting with her next Wednesday for the Big Talk.

I think I'm much less nervous about coming out to her, than I was about my mom. They're definitely different people, and the place where my sister is coming from, she's very much open to differences. I'm not sure whether I should prepare something to possibly read, if my resolve crumbles and I start weeping (again). I can probably just adapt the other letter to something more appropriate for her. I've got some time to decide, and I can always ask my friends for suggestions. So, suggestions anyone?

Shifting gears, today I got an email back from a friend across the pond, who I had come out to back in April. I know my policy is that the coming-out talk is a face-to-face thing, but it's not likely that I'll see him anytime soon, so an email was about the best I could do. When it took a while for him to respond, I was a little worried that I had totally freaked him out, but it turns out he was just slow in replying. His response was funny, and supportive, and, well, uniquely him. He definitely brought a smile to my afternoon! Thanks P!

Shifting gears once more, I'll be coming out to my oldest friend on Friday. We lost contact for a while, but we had a really good phone conversation last week, and we've always been able to talk about really personal things like this. I was a little hesitant to spring this on him so soon, but it just feels like the right time. He's on the "almost assuredly ok" people list, so I'm sure there will be nothing to worry about.

Administrative note: I was reading a blog the other day, in which the author used initials to refer to her friends. That seems a much better way to talk about people, while retaining their privacy (what little we have left in this day and age, anyway), than simply eliminating names altogether. And I can also feel like I'm in a James Bond (Jane Bond?) story, with all these one-letter names floating around! Maestro, cue the Bond theme!

Bonus points to the first to name the title reference.

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