Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ready... set... stop!

My hands were shaking, my mouth was dry, I was totally nervous, but I was all ready to get out there and go. And then I couldn't find the address of where I was supposed to be.

I'm referring to today's meeting of TATS - the Texas Association for Transsexual Support - which is to meet in about 15 minutes at the shiny new Houston Transgender Center. My therapist has been prodding me to go, to meet some of the local community, and I thought "what the heck, might as well." Except that the address is nowhere to be found on their website. Google Maps doesn't know about it either; it's probably too new.

Well darn. I was actually looking forward to it a little bit, and I'm a little bit disappointed.

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gypsyrose1972 said...

The address is 713 Fargo, Houston Texas 77006.

The number is 713-520-8586.