Sunday, July 13, 2008


I went over to J and J's last night for dinner. What a totally fun time I had! They were both worried that they'd slip and call me by the boring-guy name (which they did), and that I would be upset by that (which I wasn't), but like my first time at C and E's, they made a great effort, and they did really well. They both seemed rather surprised by, I guess, the quality of my presentation. I'm not really sure what they were expecting, but I apparently surpassed it by a good margin. So, yaaay me!

The atmosphere was very, very relaxed. We had cheesesteak sandwiches and tonka pies a la mode, and everything was excellent. Young-J (yes, they all have J-names) was pretty well behaved, even though her usual bedtime routine was a little messed up, and that upset her. Once she finally fell asleep, we were able to talk about all manner of things, and I was completely at ease, and enjoyed it greatly. They had good questions, and I tried to give good answers, and they both made some very good insightful comments. Girl-J went to bed, and Guy-J and I stayed up and talked some more. I got home foolishly late, and was very tired, but I felt like I was walking on air.

I think I surprised Guy-J a bit when I hugged him as I was leaving. We were saying our goodbyes, and usually when I'm in boring-guy mode, we give a good handshake. I really like hugs, and it felt like the right thing, so I gave him one. I had the wicked thought at the time that I should totally freak him out and give him a kiss too, but that would have just been mean. Thinking about it now makes me giggle. It did take me a couple months to become comfortable enough around C to be able to kiss him, so like a lot of things, it will just take some time to adjust.

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obscura said...

Thanks for all the help with the firewall this weekend, dinner, secondlife tour, and going to the museum shoot. As weekends go it was non-stop.

Oh and... Hugs are ok but with all of my female friends there are boundaries and kisses are off limits.