Thursday, August 7, 2008

It has begun!

All I can think about when I write that title is Shang Tsung with his arms skyward, shouting that his evil plan is coming to fruition. Does that make me a video game geek or anything? Oh, what do I know, I've never even played Mortal Kombat; he probably only said that in the movie.

Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted by my weird imagination, I was going to share that I have just returned from my first appointment with the <dr_evil>"la-ser"</dr_evil>. My face feels like I spent an hour or so being slapped all over. The receptionist at the clinic likened it to having a rubber band snapped, as the laser is fired. Depending on how much hair is in the area, and how many nerve endings are there, changes how far the virtual rubber band is pulled back before being snapped. The upper lip was the worst... holy socks! We went pretty slowly on that part. The laser technician was very professional, and very nice, and apart from the pain (and the smell - burning hair, ew!), it was a very positive experience.

Even now, a little less than an hour after we finished up, the pain is mostly subsided, and my face just feels a little tender. So now I get to wait a few months until I need to make my next appointment. I'm excited about the upcoming period of NO facial hair. That will soooo rule.

I was going to make a silly joke about being impervious to laser fire, since I've just been shot by one like a few dozen times, but I'm sure it sounds a lot funnier in my head. Try one for yourself; it seems like it could be pretty funny.

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Emerald said...

At least you are not like the rebel fleet versus the Death Star. "our Cruisers can not repel firepower of that magnitude" So when the evil aliens from planet x come calling I will have to squeeze in behind to avoid being charbroi;ed ny the las-er death rays... still reading.

That darn Artificer