Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ugh

I made it through the hurricane none the worse for wear. I went to C and E's, because they offered, and it was a whole lot less stressful to be with other people through that. I didn't sleep much, and the power was off so it was stuffy and uncomfortable, but we and the house were ok. I went back to my own apartment about mid-afternoon, and found that there was no damage there either. So all was pretty well.

I still have no power, and I have relocated to my parents' place, who do have power and phone. I was so tired of being sweaty just from sitting there. A cold front is supposed to be arriving tonight, so even if the power isn't on tomorrow, it won't be nearly as hot and humid.

I managed to talk to my sister yesterday afternoon, and the conversation started fairly well, but went downhill pretty quickly. She became selfish and demanding. She asked if I'd told my dad yet. She said that she didn't like it that she and my mom knew, but he didn't. She also asked if I'd been to see a psychiatrist yet, which I have no intention of doing. My therapist is giving me exactly the kind of support that I want and need. She thinks that my therapist's credentials are insufficient to support me. She's continually questioning my judgement, and belittling me.

The phone call ended abruptly, and I think it'll be a long time before I'll want to talk to her again. It's all up to her; if she's going to be a bitch about things, then she's basically removing herself from the group of people with whom I want to interact. There's no reason I have to put up with somebody who treats me that way. J has said that life is too short to spend it dealing with people you don't like. I totally agree, but it's a shame when those people are family. So it kind of seems like I don't have a sister right now.

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