Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sigh, I did it again

I have come to the realization that I picked the wrong job, yet again. In my rush to get out of the hellhole that was my previous job, I took another position which threatens to be even more mind-numbingly dull. It's pretty obvious that the management of my group has NO experience in doing what they're trying to do, so they're trying to guess what's going to happen, and getting it so soo wrong. Now I realize that both (a) I'm not very high on the food chain, and (b) I've only got a little over a year of experience in the market segment we're in, so it's pretty obvious that they're not going to listen to me. Not that they'll probably even ask, but whatever.

That old idea that I need to get myself into a different industry has come back over the last several days. And like before, I'm still not sure what else I should do. I've got a couple ideas, and both of them are likely to be difficult and very likely to fail, and probably won't make a whole lot of money to start out. But one of them could possibly start as a weekend thing, and grow into a full time job, so that's something interesting to consider. I'll just have to think about how much I want to get out of what I'm doing now, and how much pain I'm willing to endure to do it.

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