Monday, September 1, 2008

Pretty good weekend

I spent the evening with L last night, and everything went well. We had lasagna and garlic bread, and for dessert we had maple custard pie. After we ate, we played Scrabble, and then we watched an on-demand movie - the 1940 production of Pride and Prejudice. Young-L was pretty well behaved; she drew a bunch of pictures for us while we Scrabbled. K was at work, and I was hoping he'd get out early enough to spend some time with him as well, but it got really late. Rather than fall asleep on the road, I went home. We'll have to try again some day soon when K isn't at work, so we can all visit together.

I was hoping I might have a chance to get out and do something today, but nothing really came up. I spent most of the day playing Fantastic Contraption, and playing with my trebuchet in Second Life.

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