Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost there...

I went over to C and E's tonight, and E worked on the dress, while I finished up on the blouse. She called her mom, to see if she had any ideas about the strange instructions I got stuck on, and she figured them out, even without benefit of the (poor) picture. Yaay! If it hadn't been for E, I would definitely not be able to go visit with K and some of his family tomorrow, and my finishing up would be much more stressful. I kept her up waaaay past her bedtime, but she hung in there, and she did awesome work.

So the blouse needs 3 1/2 more buttons sewn on, the front facings stitched closed, and then a washing, and it's ready. The dress needs to be hemmed, the waist stitched closed, and the straps and buttons need to be sewn on, and that'll be done too. Probably another 2 or 3 hours' more work. I also need to go find a stuffed animal for my basket, and some socks.

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