Friday, October 24, 2008

Costume shenanigans

After all my struggles with finding the right fabric for my dress, and ordering it and all that, it turns out that the place where I ordered it doesn't have enough to fill my requirements. So I'm back where I started. It looks like my vision of a home-made costume for this halloween just became a lot more difficult.

There are a few things I can do. I can always buy one. E saw an advertisement for a store which had costumes very much like what I had planned to make (though much shorter), for not a huge amount of money. Another option is that the nearest fabric store has a bit over 4 yards of medium blue 1/4" check gingham, but it's not in one continuous piece. I might be able to modify my pattern a little bit, possibly changing the half-circles for the skirt into quarter-circles, and just stitching them together. Based in the sizes of the pieces that the store has, I think this can definitely work. There is also a pattern available which is very cute, is very similar to what I want (also much shorter), and only requires a bit over 2 yards of fabric, which the fabric store definitely does have.

And not only is there the drama with my dress, but there is also a problem with the fabric I got for my blouse... it's too short. The cutting instructions are a little more involved than "fold in half, layout like so, and cut"; it's a couple step process. I did the first step, cut, and set up for the last part. The piece of fabric I have left now is about 3" too short for the pieces I need. So I have to get more of that too. Note to self: always get more than the pattern calls for, just in case.

If I had known this costume was going to be this much drama, well, actually, it probably wouldn't have made any difference. It would have been dramatic regardless.

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