Monday, October 20, 2008

More costume parts!

I went to the nearby fabric store on Saturday night, and spent a good bit of time looking through the pattern books. I found a blouse pattern which was almost exactly what I wanted, but nothing that was exactly what I wanted. So the almost one won out. I also got most of the items to make the blouse while I was there; I need interfacing for it as well, but that's actually pretty far into the instructions, so I can (hopefully) wait for the interfacing to arrive from my Internet fabric order.

After getting home from work yesterday (what a waste of time that was!), I traced and cut out all the pattern pieces for the blouse, and the one piece for the petti (one piece, cut 14 times), and the waist pieces for the dress. I have to finish drawing the three remaining dress pattern pieces, and cut them out, and then I can start working on cutting the fabric for the blouse.

The clerk at Jo Ann gave me a flyer for their "Moonlight Madness" sale this week, with pretty big discounts on a lot of things. McCall's patterns are 99¢, and a bunch of items are half off. I'm pretty sure the sale prices are also good on Internet orders as well.

I actually have some pictures of my patterns, so I'll post those when I figure out how to work the photo album here on Google. UPDATE: I took quite a few pictures with my camera-phone, but they turned out horribly. So no pictures. Sorry!

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