Sunday, October 26, 2008

More progress!

I've spent most of the evening tonight sewing. I got the rest of the pieces for my blouse cut out, and started stitching them together. The thread tensioner on my machine is a little tricky to get threaded properly, so after some abortive tries at threading it, I got everything working, and got quite a bit done. The bodice is basically done, with the exception of the facing pieces on the front and the buttons and loops, and the sleeves are about halfway done. I'll start doing the gathering on the sleeves tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to sew everything together and call that one complete. Then I can start on my dress and petti.

I told E that I probably wouldn't be able to come to her house on Wednesday because I had too much work to do on my projects, so rather than not get to spend time together, she volunteered to help. So I'm taking my sewing machine and my projects over there, for a big sewing extravaganza. It should be a lot of fun!

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