Sunday, October 5, 2008

Progress, perhaps

After the group session last weekend, this past Friday's outing was a little different. Some of the things the group members said must have wedged in my subconscious and done something, because I had a whole lot less anxiety in walking out the door to the car than I usually do. And traffic was bad (it's Houston, on a Friday night, of course it's going to be bad), but I didn't have much anxiety about the people around me, and whatever they might have thought they were seeing. It was pretty cool. Even getting out of the car, it wasn't too bad. We were wandering around outside before dinner, because C and E wanted to show off the results of the cleaning they did to the garage that day (good job, you two!), and that wasn't a big deal either.

Another weird thing I've noticed lately. It almost feels like I'm having phantom sensations in my chest, as if I was missing my boobs. Which, in a manner of speaking, I am, except for the fact that I never had them in the first place. Usually it's the day after I go out in girl-mode, which makes enough sense to turn it a little mundane, but it's still kind of cool.

And I spent waaay too much on shoes today. W00t! I still didn't find any good sandals, but then it's about to start getting too cold for sandals anyway.

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