Friday, October 31, 2008

What fun!

I got to bed at 03:00 this morning, and still hadn't finished up my costume. I got up, ran out to get some socks and a stuffed dog to be Toto, and came home to finish up the last bits. The slipstitching on the blouse went reasonably smoothly. I totally overmeasured on the bib on my dress, so I had to shorten that; I just folded it down to the bottom of the waistband and stitched it there, which turned out to be exactly perfect. I had everything finished up by 13:00, and then got myself cleaned up and ready to go. I was late to my therapy appointment, which made me a little crazy because I hate being late, but it was a very productive session today, so it balanced out. And my therapist complimented me on my costume. Yaay!

I then headed over to C and E's for the Halloween festivities. They have 3 little daughters, so trick-or-treating was the order of the night. They also invited a couple other families who also have their daughters in the same day care. That was rather interesting. It's not too hard to figure out that I'm male-bodied - my facial hair shadow is reasonably obvious right now, even when I get a really close shave. One of the moms tried to give me a compliment, that she totally thought I was a woman from the back. It was kind of insulting, but she didn't know; I didn't want to get into a big explanation of transness, and possibly ruin people's night. Parents of little children can sometimes get pretty touchy about things that are not mainstream. The dads who came didn't quite seem to know what to make of me, it seemed. One was pretty nice, and friendly, and the other was pretty distant.

We went around the block, doing trick-or-treat, and in fairly short order, the girls all either got tired out, or lost interest. There were tons of kids out in the neighborhood, and lots of parties going on in driveways and cul-de-sacs. Everybody was having a really good time. My feet were killing me, because those shoes are not made for real walking, but I dealt with it, and kept my spirits up, and had a good time too. One lady had a little dog, and wanted to get a picture of me with her dog as a real "Toto". A few people gave me some funny looks, but I was past caring much; they say that Halloween is a transperson's favorite holiday, because they can get away with anything, and it was definitely true for me this year. I wasn't passing at all, but it was all good anyway.

Once things wound down and most everybody left, E took a couple photos of me. I don't know if I want to post them here, but if people ask very nicely, I might. Or for those Second Life residents who know me, ask me in-world, and I'll give you a copy (once I get it myself, of course). As I was leaving, C said that my costume was really good, and fairly obvious, but the stuffed dog I had in the basket I was carrying just pushed it over the edge into awesome-land. So I'll take all those compliments I received, pat myself on the back, and call it a major win.

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