Friday, November 21, 2008

Day of Remembrance

Yesterday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It was started in 1998 to honor a Boston transwoman, Rita Hester, who was stabbed to death. It has since become an international day in which trans folk everywhere remember and honor those who they have lost, be it to hate, or to suicide.

The Second Life trans community has a permanent memorial site, the Transgender Suicide Memorial, which is now also a place which honors those who have been taken from us by the actions of others.

The Houston trans community will be observing the Day on Saturday, with a gathering at the Holocaust Museum.

While I was at the Second Life memorial, I saw a poster which hit me really hard, and I have to share it with everyone.

Click to embiggen. I'm still trying not to cry after seeing that; it just reached into my core and poked at one of those things which I've been trying to get over and done with, the entire reason for everything I'm doing, the thing that drives all of us to do what we know we have to do.

In a bit of synchronicity, the fortune out of my fortune cookie yesterday at lunch was "Never give up". OK, I won't. I can't.

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