Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random little thing

I just got back from a walk; I often walk up to the corner and back, just to "get the wiggles out" as my mom used to say. It's about a mile, and it's a nice little piece of exercise. And for a nice bonus, there's a formal dress shop up at the corner, which always has such pretty dresses in the window. I love to spend a minute looking at them, and imagining that I'm the belle of the ball, the most beautiful girl in the hall. Tonight, along with the beautiful formal gowns, there was a "we're moving!" sign in the window. So one of my favorite reasons for taking a short walk up to the corner will soon be gone.

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Jubilant said...

Devon Ave, in Chicago is where the immigrants from India settle. I have walked up and down Devon just drooling at the saris and salwars, the fabrics are to DIE for!!!