Monday, December 15, 2008

It's cold as hell; life is good

They say if you're going to steal, steal from the best.

Actually, those of you who know me, probably also know that I love the cold weather. I absolutely adore it. Time to get out the sweaters and coats, and bundle up a bit. Time to snuggle up with someone special on the couch and spend some quality time, getting warm. In the area where I work, which has a lot of big businesses, all the ladies put on their long skirts and tall spike-heeled boots, which I just love. Of course, in colder climes, it means attempting to drive on ice, and having to shovel snow, and all that stuff that makes winter not so fun. But I will not let that ruin my romantic view of winter. After all, winter is my second favorite season.

I went to the endocrinologist today. I was sort of expecting physicals, or blood work, combined with "we'll meet again when we hear the results", or something like that. Nothing of the sort. I talked to the doctor for 10 or 15 minutes, about various aspects of what I'm doing, and he wrote me a prescription for spironolactone and estradiol. Just like that. So I am starting what the doctor called a "test dose", to see how I respond, and how I feel, and all that. Perhaps at my next appointment in six weeks, we'll take a deeper look at what's going on inside me, checking levels of various hormones.

Then I got to drive home in rush-hour traffic. Urg. Clutch foot.

I've made it over another hurdle. My hands were shaking before the doctor came in, but his manner put me very much at ease. He spoke plainly and pleasantly. He asked me at one point, if I did a bit of a dance in my head before I was able to get into his office. Which of course, I did. Dialling those ten numbers was almost as hard as dialling my therapist for the first time, or coming out to the various members of my family. But it's done, and I'm embarking on the next leg of my journey. Now, since changes will start happening, is when the documentation project really comes into play.

Oh, and since I'm stealing, I might as well follow up with the point of that post I linked above. My three happy-things for today: 1) I'm healthy; 2) I'm making great progress toward my goal; and 3) I have many friends who love me, no matter what.

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Beta Bates said...

Beta here!

Hihi and congratulations! I'm glad everything went so smoothly for you! I'm doing a little dance for you! Yay! Woo.

Okies. I go pound coffee and attempt to wake up. Much congratumalationses.