Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Planning, or lack of same

Whoops. It seems that my endocrinologist didn't quite plan as he should have, or perhaps I didn't catch the hitch in the plan. He wanted to see me again in 6 weeks, which is still two weeks away, and yet only gave me enough hormones to last a month, which is over tomorrow. I called his office this afternoon, and have an appointment for tomorrow. It doesn't seem like it would be good to suspend treatment, just when some of the desperately-desired effects are starting to show themselves. It surely wouldn't be good for my emotional well-being, at any rate.

Other than that, my darned upper lip is once again dark with dumb hair. I'm really beginning to detest this; after a lovely month-plus of nothing at all, it's coming back yet again. It seems quite a bit more sparse, perhaps, than it has been, so that's a nice change. But just the fact that it is back, is immensely frustrating. By the calendar, I'm due for another laser treatment sometime in early February, so I'll give it another week or two before I call. I don't know if the hormones, which the doctor said will likely slow my hair growth, will change things enough to move the schedule back. I need to ask him about it tomorrow, when I see him.

It looks like my sorta-plan for me coming out to another friend this Saturday is coming together pretty well. We've got plans to do something on Saturday, probably seeing a movie. My talk with him probably won't take 15 minutes, so it's not like it'll take up a huge portion of our time together. He'll be confused, but I'm sure he'll be ok.

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