Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting week

It's been a really affirming week for me. I've felt a good bit more confidence than I have in a while, and rather than try to analyze where it came from, I'll just roll with it. If it sticks around, I'll be in good shape for, oh, the rest of my life.

Thursday, I spent some time out doing some night photography with the BIG camera. L came out to do some shooting of her own, and I gave her a crash course on the view camera. As we were winding down for the evening, we talked a bit about blogs and twitter streams, and went our separate ways. After I sent her a thank-you tweet, she did a little searching and found this very blog. I hadn't told her anything about my blogging topic, but she reacted really well, and now is apparently in the process of reading ALL the posts here. Hi L, glad you decided to stay!

I also had another impromptu coming-out experience yesterday. I'm on the hunt for yet another new job, and a coworker received a posting which he thought might interest me, so he sent it along. I responded, sent my resume, and asked the recruiter to call to discuss the position. She did call, and in the conversation, she asked what the main things I wanted from a new job. Not wanting to give everything away, I told her that one of the things I wanted was a company with a progressive employment opportunity policy. She misunderstood what I was saying, so I thought it best to spell things out explicitly - I came out to her, told her that I was in the middle of a gender transition, and that I needed a company that could roll with that. She got a little flustered - I'd bet that she's never heard something like that from a job candidate - but she reacted well.

I had an interesting conversation with C last night, after relating the recruiter story. He asked if it might be an appropriate time to start presenting female while interviewing for new jobs, in effect to make the change to full time without the need for changing managers' and coworkers' expectations. It's definitely something to think about. Everyone would be clear on just what is going on, and who they'll be getting, and there would be no surprises. It's a far less-crazy idea than some I've had lately. Once I actually get some interviews, I'll have to do some hard thinking about it.

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laanba said...

Yep, I'm staying around. Now your readership is up to 13! :)