Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've been trying to gather the courage to come out to my gaming group for a few months now, but with the holidays, and since the new year, we've gotten together to play only two or three times. During those few times, I just couldn't do it. Once we get involved in a game, it's just not the time.

Tonight, we were supposed to play, but it ended up just being me and J. I went over, and as we were getting ready to go see a game store we'd just discovered, I said "before we go, I have something I need to talk to you about."

It went way better than I expected. I thought he might be confused and shocked, but he was really supportive. When I told him that I am transgendered, he wasn't quite sure what the word meant. Once I explained, and talked a little about what is going on with me now, he took it right in stride. He talked a little about a coming-out experience he had with a lesbian former roommate, and I related a couple of my own experiences. A couple times during the evening, he seemed unsure of what he should say regarding who I will become, and I hope I was as supportive of him in those times as he was in the initial conversation.

I'm sure he's still processing everything. That's a lot to dump on someone all at once, and especially someone who's not used to thinking about such things. I'm ready to help him understand, because I want to support him just as he is supporting me.

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