Friday, May 15, 2009

End of an era?

Or maybe just the end of my course of treatment. I just got home from my fourth and final laser hair treatment for that awful facial hair. Some interesting changes this time; we went over the trouble spots twice, with two different settings. It was kind of hardcore, but if it works, I guess I can't complain too much. For the second pass, my skin was still basically in shock from the first pass, so it wasn't really that bad. My trouble spots are exactly where I expected them to be: my upper lip (ouchie!), my chin right along my jawline, and my "soul patch". The rest of it took no time at all. Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, bzzt, almost as fast as saying it out loud. The appointment took maybe half an hour, where the first one took a shade over an hour.

Now of course my heavy abuse of aloe gel has already begun, though with the little hair I had left, it doesn't seem like the recovery will take all that long. I certainly won't be able to look like a non-mutant enough to go femme today, so dinner at C & E's this evening will just have to be in dude-mode. We'll be rocking out with Rock Band anyway, so it'll be better not to get my cute girlie clothes all sweaty.

The clinic where I've been going is having a pretty awesome special right now, and it seems like they've lowered their prices in general, so I'm strongly considering getting my legs and bottom done. No girl should have a forest on her legs like I do. I mean, eww. I use an epilator on them now, and it works ok, but it's a time-consuming hassle, and I don't necessarily do the greatest job. And maybe the laser will help get rid of the little red dots I have all over my legs, which just plops hundreds of tiny little cherries all over the top of the sundae of my body-image anxiety.


laanba said...

a time-consuming hassleWelcome to just about everything having to do with being a woman. :-)

Beta Bates said...

Greetings Trinity!

I've been catching up on everyone's back blog posts, and I just wanted to drop a line and say this:

Before you spend money on lasering your body, may I suggest you see where the Spiro takes you in this next year? My body hair went away after my 2nd year on Spiro. Chest hair vanished, butt-beard vanished, upper thigh and inner thigh hair, all dissapeared.

Perhaps you're hairier than I was, but it does go away in time.

Then again, laser is fast, so... :P

Anyhow. Much love and phonecourage to you. <3


Anonymous said...

Gee, thanks for the support there laanba! :P But, point taken; that's starting to become pretty clear. I guess each girl just has to pick which hassles she is willing to deal with. For me, this isn't one of them, so I'll trade some money and a little bit of time now, for not having to deal with it over the long term. Fair trade, you think?

Beta, thank you for your comments. I do realize that a lot of these things will happen in time, but now that things are actually *occurring*, I find that my patience with the pace of things is in very short supply. It does also take a bit of an emotional toll on me; for lack of a better phrase, it feels like such a guy-feature, and that just makes me feel crummy about myself.