Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One down, two to go

I managed to make one of the phone calls I needed to make this afternoon. I decided to try the easiest one first, and it worked out fine, just as I knew it would.

I was running terribly late this morning, so I drove to work today, rather than taking the bus as I usually do. On the drive home, I would have at least an uninterrupted half-hour, so I decided early in the day that I would use the time constructively for the call to the laser clinic. Once I left the office and got on the road, it took me until about halfway home before I summoned the courage to press all the buttons to make the call. Once the receptionist answered, I just told her what I needed to tell her, and what I wanted to have done, and she was the kind and funny person I have always known her to be.

All my stress and worry was for nothing, just as I knew it was. It was simply a question of getting my heart to listen to my head. Whether or not it actually did, or whether my head just ended up overruling my heart, I'm not sure, but the outcome was positive, and I can continue to move forward.

So my next task is to call the voice therapist's office and make an appointment. I think I'll need to do that during normal business hours, so maybe I can do that either tomorrow or Friday.

My final task, contacting the plastic surgeon, is a bit more involved. I've got to take a series of photographs of myself and send them in with my contact form. I had asked J to help, but the hurdles in the way won't be easy to clear. It's probably time for "plan b", though I'm not sure what that plan is just yet.

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