Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All sorts of progress

Near the end of a pretty busy day today, I decided that it was finally time to make one of my important calls. I've had the phone number for the voice therapy clinic ready to dial for a couple weeks now, and simply haven't had the courage to dial it.

In my office, we have a common area upstairs, which is normally pretty deserted. I walked up, and sure enough, there was nobody to be seen. I sat for a few minutes with my phone in my shaking hands before pressing 'send'. I just answered the questions they had to ask, including the inevitable "why do you want to come see us?" I told them that I'm trans, and that I needed help getting my voice to sound more feminine. The truth always works, and deception serves neither of us.

So I have an appointment on the 29th for an evaluation. I'm not sure exactly what that entails, but I'll find out.

I've been trading emails with my photographer friend L, who has agreed to help shoot the photos which the plastic surgeon requests of his prospective patients. Saturday is the day! And it will be the first time I'll be in girl-mode with her. She has said she's a little anxious about it, but I'm pretty excited. Neither of us is strong with portraiture, so we'll probably have to experiment a little bit with the pictures, but I'm sure we'll get done what we need, and I'm also sure we'll have fun at the same time.

Another interesting thing that happened this morning... I think one of my coworkers might be trans. I was talking with a couple people from another support group, and after we'd been talking for quite a while, I noticed that one of them had the transgender symbol on his necklace. I didn't get a chance to ask him about it, but I definitely want to, at the very least, tell him that I like his necklace.


Jubilant said...

Wewt!!! Savor this sweetheart before you jump ahead and start fretting about the next thing you "haven't done." I mean it, pat yourself on the back, hug yourself, say I did it! You are a wonderful and brave woman, my dear.

Trinity Annabelle said...

Oh, you've got me totally pegged - I totally do pick a series of things that I fret about, one right after the other. One of these days, I'll actually figure out that I'm just being totally neurotic about *all* of it, and then... Well, I'm too realistic to think that my life will magically become sunshine and happiness. I'll probably start fretting over my neuroses. :)

But thank you very much for your kind words and your warm support.