Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new dress for me

I've been invited to go to a wedding on July 11, and of course weddings and new dresses go hand in hand. And being the DIY girl that I am, I decided that I could make my own. I searched for quite a while for a pattern that was pretty close to what I wanted. Once I found one, I did my alterations and made a test version out of inexpensive fabric to test fit and look. I finished the test dress on Friday, and everything looked really good, so next I needed to pick fabric for the real one.

I asked E if she could spare a few hours yesterday, to go to the huge fabric store in town. She was able to go with me, and we took quite a while just looking at lots of fabrics of various kinds, and talking about what we both thought. She is a more experienced seamstress than I am, and she's also got really good color sense, so her input was very helpful. Finally, though, we found something that both of us thought was awesome. It's deep red, and it's crinkly, and it's going to be super cute.

After that, we went back to my place so we could check the fit of the test dress. Only one spot obviously didn't fit properly, and one other spot just needed a little more give, but the changes are pretty minor. I'll alter the pattern and start working on it tomorrow. It's going to be awesome!

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Jubilant said...

I can not WAIT to see it! (Nor can I wait to see you, my dear <3)