Monday, July 27, 2009

Checkup... thumbs up!

I had a checkup with my ob/gyn this afternoon. He wanted to see me 4 months since I last went, and that time was up about now; plus, I had some questions to ask him about a few different things. It took forever to actually get into the office, as his staff had apparently overbooked him pretty badly today. Once I finally got to see him, we talked about how I was feeling (good), and how the hormones were doing (well), and if I was happy with the results so far (yes).

For my questions, I had three for him. The first was his opinion on what progesterone might do for me. He basically said "not much", which was in line with what the plastic surgeon said. No surprises there.

The next question was about finding a surgeon to perform an orchiectomy. We talked a little about my overarching plan for the surgeries that I wanted, and I told him, as I've said all along, SRS is too big a surgery, and the risks totally outweigh the benefits that I could see it bringing me. My dysphoria is more social than physical, and with this surgery I'm looking to simplify things for me, rather than to radically reshape my body. He said that he didn't perform the surgery, and that I would need to see a urologist. I asked if he knew a doctor who did perform them, and he said the one person he knew in town didn't do them anymore. But he said that he would make some calls, and he would get back to me in a couple of weeks. I figured that since he does treat a number of trans people, he would be in a much better position than me to know, or to be able to find somebody. Also, on a more personal note, I'm his patient, and I feel certain that he wouldn't send me to somebody who he didn't trust, or who didn't have a good reputation.

My last question was something my therapist mentioned, regarding a letter that I could take with me that briefly notes both my names, and says that I am under treatment for gender reassignment. Now that I'm going out in public, that's one thing that has concerned me a bit - my identification doesn't match my presentation, and that could cause more trouble than I care to have. He said yes, he's the one who gives those, and immediately got one of his office people to write one up for me. She had a form letter, so she just had to put in my names and print it out for the doctor to sign. It was simple as could be.

He wants to see me for another checkup in 6 months or so. If all goes according to my vague plan for facial surgery early next year, I'll get in to see him before I head off to the plastic surgeon.

Things just keep coming together bit by bit. When I take a step back and look at everything that's happening, I'm very excited with my progress, and it brings a smile to my face. It's actually happening!

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