Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meeting the Fracturelings

Today was quite a full day. I made it through several firsts, not the least of which was my in-office meeting with the plastic surgeon, and in femme-mode, no less. His office was barely-restrained pandemonium, so we were running quite late when he was finally able to talk to me. But talk, he did! He was a whirlwind of information, and sometimes it was even a little hard to keep up. He did a really good job of explaining things, and augmented a lot of his explanations with pictures. He gave me a very comfortable feeling about his level of expertise, and much more importantly, his dedication to his craft, and his pure enjoyment of what he does. He helps people, and it comes through loud and clear that he gets a great deal of satisfaction from it.

So I think I'll have him do the work we've discussed. And my tentative timeline is January 2010. That seems like plenty of time for me to get things finished up which need to be finished.

The other big important thing that I did today was that I spent the entire day in girl-mode. And I was in my hotel room for very little of it. I went over to N and B's to meet some of the Fracturelings who were in town for Fracturecon, though most were either asleep or elsewhere. I had a good hour of conversation with N before I had to leave for the drive into Chicago for my consultation with the surgeon.

Once I got to Chicago, I met up with J for lunch before the appointment, and she came with me to the session with the doctor, and then after some mind-bending traffic, she came back to Milwaukee with me. We had a super pleasant time together, and seeing her again tomorrow will be another fun time.

One thing that multiple people have said to me, is how settled within myself that I seem to be. At the time, I thought, oh no way, I'm just out here flailing. But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I've been going out in girl-mode for around a year, and I've gotten much more comfortable with both my physical presentation, and with the role which my presentation entails.

The other thing that struck me was the complete lack of reaction most people had to me. I did get a few funny looks when I was picking a few last-minute items up at the grocery for the dinner I cooked for everyone. But I was there to get groceries, and most people were there to do the same thing. When J and I had lunch, it was almost exactly the same way; we sat and ate, and everyone else was just doing the same thing. So it's helping to drive the point home that either (a) I pass really well, or (b) most people couldn't care less. I'm assuming choice B.

I am just so full of good feelings from meeting all the Fracture people in real-life tonight. It was a completely affirming thing, as I always knew it would be.


Udge said...

I'm so glad you came to Fracture, Trin, it was wonderful to meet you at last. And I am also very glad that you actually did it and were more-or-less comfortable. Woot.

And just for the record, listening masses: Know that Trinity has awesome cooking skillz.

Udge said...

I forgot to say: yes, I too thought you were very comfortable with your self and your style. Your inner butterflies did not reveal themselves at all :)

Foley said...

I was also so happy to meet you in first life Trin. I always enjoy our conversations, and your cooking skills were every bit as perfect as I imagined.

I have to agree with Udge that you seemed very comfortable and relaxed.

Hopefully fracturecon 2 will have drums again, because it was fun playing around =)

Trinity Annabelle said...

Thank you for your kind comments, guys. It was so nice to meet you both in RL.

It's certainly taking some time, but when I stop and think about what has been going on in my life over the past year, I'm light years away from where I started. And I guess I've had quite a bit of time to get a lot more comfortable with myself, and that apparently is coming through.

It's experiences like the ones I had at Fracturecon, with caring people like yourselves, that help me to keep poking my head further out from my shell.