Saturday, August 22, 2009

One step forward, and something else entirely

Today was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Huge amounts of stress, with a stress chaser, followed by a pretty nice evening.

My aunt is in town this weekend, which is pretty awesome in general. She came to town to see if she could help with my dad and his drinking. We plotted a little, and decided that we were going to have an intervention for him on Saturday morning. That was almost as stressful as when I came out to my mom. When the time came, we all stalled a bit, but once we got started, we all said the things we wanted to say. It went about as well as I had expected it to go, which is to say it didn't seem to make an immediate dent. I guess that can be as much a process as anything I've been dealing with lately. Patience, I guess, is the word here.

After all the morning fireworks, my aunt and I had plans to have lunch, and do some food shopping. We had traded a few emails a few weeks ago, and in that exchange I had told her that I had something I needed to talk about (the coming-out talk, of course), and that we could do that while she was here. Unfortunately there's no way that I've found to make that not sound ominous, so I think she was a little concerned. As we drove to lunch, we had a good talk about what's going on with me, and where I'm headed, and the discussion continued as we ate. We talked about not just me and my path, but a lot of the family stuff that's going on.

So after that, we went down to the Central Market, since I had to do some shopping for tomorrow night's dinner; some friends are coming over for my birthday, and I'm going to make a beef wellington. We had a super fun time, and I got some really nice food. Once we got back and put away all the groceries, we talked a little more, and I showed her photos and some of the things I've been doing over the past several months, and played my drums for her a little bit. Then we headed back over to my folks' and had dinner and birthday cake and presents. So it ended up being a nice and relaxed evening, after all the excitement of earlier in the day.

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Jubilant said...

Awwwwwwwww. I think the playing drums for your aunt part is the sweetest thing <3 I'm glad it went well with her. You've done what you can for your Dad, which is more than a lot of people do hon.