Sunday, August 23, 2009


You say it's your birthday!
It's my birthday too, yeah!
They say it's your birthday!
We're gonna have a good time!
I'm glad it's your birthday!
Happy birthday to you!

— The Beatles

It's that time again... time to get older! Wait, no, that's not quite it. It's birthday time, so it's time to have fun and celebrate. Yes, that's better.

Last year, I had a whole bunch of people over, and that was fun, but not quite what I wanted this time. Instead, I was hoping for something a little simpler, just dinner with some friends. So I invited C & E, and K & L, and the other K. And of course since it's my birthday, I also wanted to make something exotic for dinner. This is me we're talking about, after all.

Everything went fine, with the typical dramatic moments. My dish, a beef wellington... I've done better. I was actually thrown out of my kitchen for part of it, because I was having trouble with the pastry, and starting to get upset. But it was edible, and everyone enjoyed everything, so it was fun.

It was also K's first time to see me in femme-mode. Both he and L missed pronouns a time or two, but they spend very little time around me in girl mode, so I just corrected and moved on. I have no illusions that it will take some people a while to get used to the new words; K has known me for longer than anybody else, with the exception of my family, so he's got a whole lot of history to unlearn. C and E have a whole lot of head start on everyone, and even they slip every once in a while.


C said...

I find that I have the hardest time when trying to retcon memories that I have from before you came out. Since my memories tend to very visual affairs your appearance doesn't really match up to your present. I'm getting better though. ;)

Emerald said...

grrrr.... You know o' fiend of mine that J and I have atrocious memory functions (no doubt due to some military experiment). The One (thats you) should gently (i.e. with a large cluebat) remind (see previous comment concerning cluebat) us that an important event is fast approaching. Barring that, remind me to enter your date of birth into my horribly outdated computer and I will use the clue bat on J. All joking aside, sorry we missed the day. At least we can take comfort in the fact that there will be many many returns. (if not be advised that I have been known to attempt resurection of individuals just to have the joy of killing them for ditching Happy Birthday Trinity

your Friend

Anonymous said...

C - I hope it will become more natural for you as my transition comes to a close. I haven't really had to think about it much yet, since from my perspective, it's always been "just me". If I can help, you'll let me know, won't you?

Emerald - thank you very much for the wishes. But don't you worry one bit that you forgot my birthday - you didn't know when it was, because I didn't tell you when it was. And I didn't tell you guys for the simple reason that I'm uncomfortable with people making a fuss over me, and I had a hunch that you guys would. That's some of my anxiety, and I don't want you to feel like a bad friend because of it.