Monday, September 21, 2009

Gauntlet of pain

My third hour of electrolysis is done. This appointment was the difficult one - the upper lip. Despite applying some numbing agent about a half-hour before we started, there was still a good amount of pain. My electrologist worked quickly, and finished up in just about an hour. Once she finished, she told me that she was with me, in my place, for every single one. She has been through facial electrolysis of her own, and so she has great empathy for everyone who lies on her table. Those kinds of things assure me that I chose the right person.

The work was done a few hours ago, and the redness has gone, but there is still a little bit of swelling, and it will be tender for the next couple days.

My next appointment will complete my lower lip. After that, further appointments ought to be able to get everything that pops up.

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Udge said...

/me winces sympathetically.