Monday, September 14, 2009

Two down, more yet to come

My second electrolysis appointment was this evening. We've completed the initial clearing of everything on my neck and chin, and even got a couple long hairs out of my left ear, of all places. Things were starting to hurt a bit more this time; apparently there are a lot of nerve endings along the jawline. Right now, two hours after my appointment finished, my face is extremely itchy, and I'm doing my absolute best to not touch it.

The only major parts left are my upper lip and the area directly underneath my lower lip. The really sensitive parts. The really painful parts. I'm to arrive at her office an hour early for my next appointment, so I can apply some numbing agent to myself, and give it time to work before we start.

I'm feeling a whole lot better about this process this time, than I did last time. Though I think that was more a general emotional state, than anything having to do with the procedure.

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