Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post surgery follow-up

I journeyed up to Plano once again yesterday for my two-week post-surgery appointment. Everything has been doing pretty well since all the excitement of a couple weeks ago, so I expected the visit to be pretty short.

K had agreed to come along, both for driving help and moral support. He stayed on my couch the night before, since we were getting underway pretty early in the morning. I was a little freaked out, so I probably wasn't the best hostess in the world; I hope he understood.

I managed maybe four hours' sleep that night, and woke even before my alarm. I got up, showered, and got ready. And then the nervousness started, while I waited for K to get ready. It wasn't quite the "I'm doing something completely new" terror, but my appetite was off, and I certainly wasn't feeling too talkative. K slept for the early part of the trip, which was maybe good, and maybe not so good. I had a lot of time to think, and not much else to occupy my thoughts. But once we got to Dallas, traffic diverted my attention enough so that I didn't go all basketcase.

We were early, by about 45 minutes, and it was lunchtime, so I suggested getting something to eat. K agreed, so we went to a sandwich shop that E and I found while we were there. This time, though, the place was full of people. I think I managed to keep my composure, though I ate precious little of my food, and my hands were shaking the entire time. My next big hurdle, and this is probably more of a long-term project, is to become more comfortable just being out in the world. I don't do it much, so it's always stressful. But we finished our lunch without incident, and headed to the doctor's office.

The appointment itself was very short; I was in the office for maybe ten minutes. The doctor had a look at how everything was healing, and seemed very happy. No hematomas, which he said was the big thing to worry about with the procedure I had. The incisions themselves were starting to go away; he had placed adhesive strips over them after the surgery, which he removed. He directed me to place small pieces of adhesive tape over the incisions for a couple months, to make sure everything heals up well. And then I had a few questions, and that was that. He said he wouldn't need to see me again unless something goes really wrong.

The trip back to Houston was a whole different story. K was driving, and my stress had completely evaporated. I actually had a really good time. Traffic seemed a little heavier than the trip up, but I wasn't driving, so I actually just totally let go of everything related to the road. I spent most of the trip changing radio stations; I'm sure I was driving K absolutely bonkers. But we listened to some good music, and we chatted pretty much the entire way home.

When we got back into Houston, we went directly to C and E's for dinner, which was delicious. I had brought a pair of pants (I wore a skirt for the day) in anticipation of playing some Rock Band, but both K and I were absolutely exhausted, so we called it a night a bit early. I don't think it was much later than 10:30 PM when I fell into bed. I slept the sleep of the just.

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