Friday, January 1, 2010

A new page

It's the new year, and I've been thinking seriously about resolutions. Those new pages that one turns when one reaches some sort of starting-over point. And since the beginning of the year is the typical starting point, it seems like a good time to try them out, for once.

First: get back on the bike. I used to ride three or four times a week, for a dozen or twenty miles at a go, and now I haven't been on the bicycle in months. I've been using my knee as an excuse, but that's not good enough. The only way it'll get stronger, is if I actually use it. My legs have turned to jello, and there's an alarming ring of flab trying to develop around my middle. My goal is to get to 125 pounds, which shouldn't be a huge effort, if I were to actually, you know, do something about it.

With exercising, usually comes eating well. When I am getting regular exercise, my body usually craves decent food anyway, so that's sort of a sub-resolution to the cycling one.

I'd like to become a better seamstress. I would like to try to produce at least one piece of clothing each month, be it a top, or a dress, or even a quilt, or some other item. I always have fun when I work on a new project, so it makes sense that I should try to do it more often. I've had the pattern pieces and the fabric for a dress sitting on my table for at least a month now; I should finish it up, for my first piece of the year. I've also had it in my mind to try knitting, which could also be fun.

The last one I've been thinking about, is a bit more of an amorphous item. Simplification. Life is such a complex beast, and we must find some way to handle that complexity. I'm not sure what might be done, but perhaps that can be the goal of the exercise.

There are also the main ones related to my gender transition: getting comfortable in my daily life in this new gender role, and making the last of the physical changes in my public transition. Those live at such a basic level, though, that they lie outside a simple resolution.

This should prove to be an exciting and fulfilling year, and I'm looking forward to experiencing it.

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