Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Papers, please!

I've been fretting over the paperwork I've had to collect for my upcoming name change. It seemed like a big long list at first, but as I've gotten pieces here and there, the list is actually pretty short. This evening, I spent a little time writing the couple of letters which the lawyer requested that I write, and a letter from Dr. Raphael came in the mail today, and I got another copy of the letter from my endocrinologist this afternoon, so I've almost got everything. The only thing left is a fingerprint card, for which I have scheduled an appointment at lunchtime tomorrow. Then I'll just have to write a check, and take everything to the lawyer's office.

Then the court date is next Friday. It's happening very quickly! Whoosh, and we're almost done! After that, I get to visit various government offices and get records changed.

One of the pieces of documentation I had to collect was a copy of my birth certificate, which my parents have. My dad took care of digging out the form and making the copy; he was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing, which was great. My mom, when I told her why I needed it, made a face like I had killed her dog. I know she's having trouble, but every time she does that, it's like she's trying to guilt me into stopping and going back. I'd really like to get in her face about it, but I'm sure that would do little else but make her dig her heels in and resist all the more, or give her a more upset feeling about the whole thing. I know I've got to give everyone time, and they'll see the importance of these changes, but it's just hard. I waited on myself for a long time, and now it seems I have little patience to wait on anyone else.


Alissia Megan Rose-Pait said...

The thing she probably doesn't realize is that every time she does that it makes you even more determined to see things through.

Emerald said...

Can't wait to see the new drivers license. As to the family, don't let them get you down. There are many people who support you in this, myself included. She will come around eventually. In a perfect world she would be right there with you, but then in a perfect world you would not have had to go through this to be who you truly are. Since we don't live in a perfect world (except for me. I am ALWAYS perfect [grin]) we have to make do as best we can. Anyway, keep the ol chin up and don't forget to harass J about when we get together next! B^D