Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr. Postman

Short update: the letter to my sister is written, and in the envelope. I dropped it into the mailbox just a short while ago, so it should probably arrive at her house by Thursday or Friday. After that, I'm not sure what I expect to happen. She could write back, or send an email, or even call. Or, she could do nothing.

I feel like the sending of this letter is a hopeful act, so I'll remain hopeful for the outcome.


laanba said...

Good luck. I hope you get the response that you want, but at least you can say that you have done everything you can and hopefully feel good about that.

Allison said...

For me, the worst responses are the ones where there is no response. You're left to only wonder what they're thinking. I prefer to know exactly where I stand with someone, even if that means the end of our relationship.

Anonymous said...

I do hope I receive a positive response, certainly, or I wouldn't have written the letter in the first place. And if my writing can nudge her toward the positive, then that will be good too. But as Allison said, I'd like to get some sort of response, even if it is to tell me she never wants to see me again. Getting rid of this uncertainty will hopefully simplify things, however they end up.

I'm just going to try to stay hopeful and positive.

Tonya said...

Hello Ms. Trinity, I wish you the best. I know the feeling all too well myself.